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70 VSI Carr-Cel Built is USA

CEC Carra-Cel Vertical Shaft Crusher is is built in Sheridan, Oregon. The Model 70 can operate from 150 to 300 horsepower, depending on the job to be done. 1 to 1.5 tons per hour per horsepower thru-put. The Carra-Cel VSI produces different fine rock products. Typical products would be 3/4″ x 0, 1/4″ x #10, and #10 minus. The crusher will also produce manufactured sand. In addition the VSI will significantly increase base rock production without additional labor. The table uses three big wear pins at each port exit. The rotating 36″ table accelerates the rock out of the table against the rock cell in a rolling motion across the cell face. Additional discharge of rock impacts the rolling rock, breaking it into a cubical product. In-air rock collision also reduces the rock to size. The construction of the table and rock cell pins allow above average production and low cost operation. Feed size is 2½” x¼” with a preferred top size of 3″.
The “Breaker Block Rock Cel” will produce a product with less fine and works well where fines are not available to pack the rock on rock cell.You can change cells in less than two hours.
The Model 70 Carra-Cel can be equipped with a variable speed drive system that will control the table speed. This allows you increase or decrease fines at the touch of a switch. Variable speed is expensive, but normally pays for itself in six to twelve months. Additional finished product per hour is a result of improved speed.
Equip your CEC Model 70 Carra-Cel with a variable frequency drive. You can then select the exact speed of the table to achieve your best production. Increased production will pay for the “VFD” drive the first year.