Conveyors & Stackers

CEC has built conveyors and stackers for 30 years. We are well experienced and offer a wide variety of products. We have on-hand stock of the most popular sizes giving our customers fast turnaround.

CEC builds electric, hydraulic and diesel hydraulic conveyor drives. Our long conveyors have the option of a wrap drive or weighted drive.

Lattice Side Fold Stacker

24″ – 26″ – 30″ – 42″ Wide 80′ – 100′ – 120′ – Long Smaller Stackers Available in Top Truss

View the Lattice Side Fold Stacker

Top Truss Conveyor/ Stacker

24″ – 30″ – 36″ Wide 40′ – 50′ – 60′ – 80′ Larger Stackers Available in Side Fold

View the Top Truss Conveyor/ Stacker

Stack ‘N Go Conveyors

Available in 60′ and 70′ Lengths. Conveyor one feeds conveyor two, which feeds conveyor three. Can be used as three separate conveyors, or together!

View the Stack ‘N Go Conveyors