Jaw Crusher
A jaw crusher is a compressive crusher. The eccentric shaft drives at 250 RPM. The crusher shaft is made from chrome molybdenum alloy steel for maximum strength. The crusher has hydraulic actuated shim adjust or fully adjustment. The jaw features running in oil bearings, grease type labyrinth bearing dust seals, pitman protection plate, premium maganese jaw dies and replacement bearings that are off the shelf stock. The larger CEC jaws are built to cruch rock with compressive strength up to 60,000 PSI. CEC builds small jaw sizes of 12 x 36, 20 x 30 and 20 x 36. CEC large jaw sizes are 24 x 36, 30 x 42, 32 x 48, 32 x 54, 32 x 60, 36 x 48 and 48 x 60.

Note: We have a 48 x 60 jaw ready to ship in 60 days. The first jaw number "30" is the front to back measurement. The second number "42" is the number of inches cheek plate to cheek plate. CEC has sold our jaw plants and jaws for 30 years. We have quarry, recycle, gravel and contractor users.