Horizontal Impactors
CEC builds (2) two styles of impactors. The largest has a 51 inch diameter and the smallest has a 41 inch diameter. Their widths are 36, 45 and 60 inch. 45 and 60 inch sizes are most widely used.

These crushers work well in recycle concrete, limestone, quarry rock and gravel.Hard, high silica gravel will increase blow bar wear. Sometimes that is ok because once impactor plant does it all - 25 to 1 reduction. Small crews and quick set up.

CEC uses very big blow bars. The 102 x 152 uses a 900 pound blow bar. The 133 x 152 uses 1400 pound blow bars. Big blow bars create high breaking forces and allow CEC machines to run at a low rpm. Result is good production and low wear cost.