Rock Wood Separator
CEC builds a wet tank rock wood separator. This plant works in conjunction with a Screen-It.

This plant is used to separate log yard debris, top soil yard waste, coal & rock products, coke & rock and other products.

A typical job would be log yard material. The Screen-It would separate out the 1/2” minus soil products. It will separate out the 5” plus rock and wood. These can be split wood and rock with our angle belt separator – 5” plus wood – 5” plus rock to a stacker. The 5” x 1/2” wood and rock are conveyed from the Screen-It to the CEC Separator feeder.

The Separate-It give you two clean products – 5” x 1/2” rock and 5” x 1/2” grindable wood or fuel.

Special points of the CEC Separate-It are hydraulic adjustable feed & hydraulic adjustable wood belt. You can bring the new Separate-It to full production in 5-10 minutes after start up.