HN Cone
HN Auto Cone - Hydraulic locking, adjustment and clearing. Remote control mounts on control house. You read amps, cone fill depth, tons per hour and current cone settings at the operator's station. Keep the cone crushing to 90% amp draw and you will produce 20-30% more than the spring cone series.

The HN series auto cone II is a conventional cone with:

    1. Adjust on the run setting
    2. Hydraulic suspension and clearing
    3. Easy control station gives you:
      a. Amp draw
      b. Tons per hour of production
      c. Cone setting
      d. Cavity depth of rock in the chamber
      e. Training on how to increase your production by 15% - 25%. Easy controls allow this increase by keeping the cone at capacity full time
    4. HN Cones do not require liner backing
      a. The bowl and mantel head is machined
      b. The liners are machined
      c. The mounting hardware allows proper liner installation in about half the time of a poured liner
      d. Liner change can be made in any temperature, cool the new liner on the ground and it is ready to install

The easy control system allows you to open the cone cavity to accomplish rock on rock crushing. This method over rock on manganese increases production. Your screen will send back the oversized product for re-crushing.