Quarry Rock Separator
CEC’s Quarry King™ is a heavy duty rip rap separator. The chutes are all 1” plate steel. The bolt-on hopper flares allow rear feeding of the rip rap. This allows the rock to stratify to a thin layer so the grizzly bars can make good separation. The grizzly has a six foot bar section for small product removal – usually 8” minus. The second section is three feet long and separates the 8” plus by 18”. The grizzly bars are bolt in and can be adjusted to other sizes if specifications require a different sized product. The 18” plus comes off the end of the grizzly. The Quarry King conveyors are specially built with Ersham spring rollers in the receiving box. These are placed to handle the 0” x 8” and 8” x 18”. The conveyors have dual hydraulic drives. The Quarry King is diesel engine driven with hydraulic drives. There is a radio remote control to start and stop the feeder and control the feed rate. The Quarry King has hydraulic set up legs, plug in conveyor hydraulics, folding front goose neck bolt on hopper flares. The conveyors are built to handle their intended product size. Rear feed the Quarry King and you will process the material as fast as most six yard loaders can feed it raw material. It is ruggedly built for your heavy rock sorting.
The Quarry King pictured was feeding 8” x 0’ product to a CEC 5 x 12 2 deck Screen-It. The plant was making 8” x 4” off the top deck, 1½” x 4” off the second deck overs and 1 1/2” x 0” through the bottom deck. The Quarry King was also making 8” x 16” and 16” plus.
The Quarry King pictured has just completed a big rip rap contract. It produced a 6” x 0, 6” x 16” and 16” plus product. It ran at a 450 ton per hour production rate completing the project ahead of schedule.