Container Loading
Pictured is the fill conveyor of the CEC Scrap Loader. It will fill a 20 or 40 foot container with 20 metric tons of processed scrap in 10 minutes. Loading is not only fast but it is very safe, clean and accurate in weight.

The unit is diesel electric powered. It runs quietly and requires minimal maintenance.

The loader operator runs the loader, the ground man tells the truck driver to move forward. The loader shuts off at the pre-determined tonnage set in the remote control. The remote control has an engineering stop button if needed.
The scrap loader is skid mounted, has a 12 foot wide flared loading hopper and a hydrostatic variable feeder drive with planetary reduction box. The feeder belt is a very high quality belt that is cut resistant. Note the hydraulic cylinder in the feeder’s upper “A” frame. These raise and lower the conveyor for container penetration. The machine is built using some standard CEC feeder items coupled with additions to meet an industry need. The result is high speed loading and low man power required.
You can see the container has the conveyor inside and is filled with a pre-set quantity of processed scrap.