Slag – Steel Processing

Portable Slag Plant

CEC builds a portable Slag – Steel Separator. Your loader or excavator feeds the vibrating grizzly. The over sized product spills off the end of the feeder. The feeder has a hydro-static, variable speed, grizzly drive. It can be supplied with radio remote control, for excavator operator usage. The grizzly through product goes down a…

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Slag Plant Fully Portable

Pictured is a CEC model 48 – 48 Slag Plant in the travel mode. It moves complete. The plant is operated by a diesel engine with hydro-static & hydraulic drives. The feeder is variable speed to control the in-feed product flow. The speed control allows you to compensate for moisture and lump size. The excavator…

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Slag – Steel Processor

The model 48 – 48 Steel Slag Processor has a huge rotating magnetic pulley that separates the ferrous metals from the slag. The slag and dirt product come out the front conveyor. This can be screened by a CEC Screen-It to separate the slag & dirt. The steel is wiped off the drum and dropped…

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Steel Pile

Recovered steel from the CEC Steel-Slag-Separator. Your product doesn’t have to include slag. It can be dirt, rock and steel. The grizzly rejects the big rock and the dirt and steel runs through the machine. Result: clean steel scrap and dirt – separated.

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