Setting Up: Separate-It Rock/Wood Separator


The raw feed is pre-screened by a CEC Screen-It®.  The Screen-It® removes the “dirt-wood fines” at 3/8” or ½” minus.

The top deck of the Screen-It® would have 5” screen cloth.  The plus 5” rock and wood exits out the top deck front chute.  This product can be split to a 5” rock and 5” wood on a separator splitter belt.  Wood goes sideways on the splitter belt and rock goes across the angled belt face and out a chute to a stacking conveyor.

The 5" x 1/2" rock and wood are conveyed to the Separate-It’s® feeder.  The Separate-It’s® operations are easy to prepare for running. 

You have four percentage meters and three number setting:

• Feeder speed - start at 45% and increase to 60%
• Pump speed – start at 88% and increase to 90%
• Wood conveyor speed - 80%
• Rock conveyor speed - 100%
• Water nozzle – set at number 2
• Wood belt position – set at number 3
• Feeder belt position – set at number 2

Set them to the suggested percentages and numbers. 

Start your operation – if any rock appears on the wood belt, hydraulically move the belt forward to position 4.  This will clear rock conveyors if any is spotted.  The feeder can move forward or back to target the product entry to the center of the water chamber.  A little back of center is usually the best position.


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