Incline Bare Screen


CEC builds screens at our plant in the state of Washington.  The side walls are plasma cut in a submerged water bath cutting table.  This reduces stress concentrations.  The side walls are then moved to the machine shop for boring, drilling and counter sinking.  This provides the mounting holes for the screen deck, screen mechanism, screen rubber support system, feed box and discharge chutes.

The screen decks are full weldment with drilled mounting holes.  We use square tubing primary cross members for strength.  The screen's torque tube eccentric housing is a weldment with torque gussets.  This installs and joins the screen side walls.

The screen decks are huck-bolted in place.  A huck bolt looks like a standard bolt except the nut is pressure locked.  A hydraulic machine tensions the bolt and nut assembly then hydraulically locks the nut to the bolt.  Huckbolts never loosen!

Next, the screen discharge lips are installed, the suspension system, feed box and rear panel.  The feed chute carries the top two decks of the screen to the crusher.  You can open the second deck chute door if you only want to feed the top deck.

•  Screen side walls are cut under water to avoid stress concentration.
•  Screen decks are weldments, huck-bolt in place and are replaceable
•  Screen is huck-bolted for maximum trouble-free service


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