Portable Slag Plant


CEC builds a portable Slag – Steel Separator.

Your loader or excavator feeds the vibrating grizzly. The over sized product spills off the end of the feeder. The feeder has a hydro-static, variable speed, grizzly drive. It can be supplied with radio remote control, for excavator operator usage.

The grizzly through product goes down a discharge chute to the magnetic feed conveyor. The feed stock reaches the rotating magnetic drum. The steel attaches to the drum, wraps around with the drum rotation and drops down the steel chute to the steel discharge belt.

The slag and dirt drop down the second chute to the rear discharge conveyor. It can be stacked on the ground or fed to a CEC Screen-It for dirt and slag separation.

The plant is diesel engine driven to the hydraulic system. It can have an electric motor to the hydraulic system as on option.

The CEC slag plant is mounted on a tri axle carrier with fifth wheel towing. It comes complete with lights, air brakes, hydraulic folding discharge conveyor, and bolt on hopper flairs. Both conveyors hydraulically fold for road travel.

The plant is built for rugged service. CEC provides field service start ups on all new plants. Options are hydraulic set up legs and full radio remote operating controls.


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