C & D Plant - Screen-It to Picking Station and Eddy Current


The CEC C & D processing plant pictured can be fully portable if needed.

The Plant starts out with a CEC 6’ x 16’ Screen-It.

The Screen-It provides a 48” wide, fully skit boarded variable speed open throat feed system. The products flow onto the screen deck.

The CEC 6’ x 16’ Screen has a 5/8” stroke. The largest in the industry. The material is lifted off the screen deck and move at about 45° angle. Thus allows the feed product to open up and release the fine dirt, metals & fluff.

The screens top deck will be a 4” finger deck or punch plate. These are the recommended decks to handle the stringy “C & D” feed.

The second deck will be 1 or 1 ½” opening. This releases the dirt, fine fluff and fine steel & metals.

The fines go out to the under screen conveyor and out the side product conveyor. This conveyor is equipped with a large magnetic head pulley and non-magnetic discharge chute. The steel goes to a tote bin for processing and the fluff goes off the end of the conveyor.

The picking conveyor is 48” wide, fully skirted, has safety guards - full length, walk ways, kick plates, hand rails and stairways for access.

There are six drop chutes for product removal on each work platform. Removed products drop down by gravity to the under bin totes.

The six pickers can be given two products each to remove. Normal products are carpet, paper, wall board, glass, wood, plastic, rock, concrete, plastic pipe, cast iron, copper and miscellaneous items.

The steel products are removed by the cross belt magnet. This removes ferrous metals.

We will now have 10 to 15% of the product left. This will be aluminum and fluff. This product drops onto the Eddy Current belt, advances to the Eddy Current head section and Boom! The Eddy Current launches the aluminum to the front of the discharge hood and down the chute to a tote bin on the take away conveyor. The conveyor drops the non-ferrous metal into a take away tote bin.

The fluff drops off the Eddy Current belt, down the first chute off the discharge hood and onto the take away conveyor. The fluff is dropped into its own tote bin.

The Eddy Current system is mounted on a heavy duty stand with walk ways, kick plates, railings and access stairs.

CEC system comes complete with electric switch gear, push button control station, “E” stops and variable feeder speed control.

 On plant, plug and play wiring can be quoted where codes allow. A Complete electrical schematic is provided with material parts list for future service.

The complete plant carries a CEC warranty and field set up assistance.

CEC builds larger and simpler plants. Talk to CEC or its dealer. Let us help you get the best plant for your job.


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