5 x 16 Portable Washplant


CEC’s 5 x 16 (3) deck wash plant has many excellent features.

The screen is a CEC 5 x 16 (3) deck with rubber vertical springs rather than coil springs.  Coil springs reduce in rebound under load.  CEC’s rubber vertical springs increase in rebound under load.  There are side mounted bolt on alignment rubber springs to guide the screen through path.

The screen has huck-riveted deck installation rather than bolt on. The screen cross members are the spray bar.  They have threaded, fan style, overlapping spray nozzles and a bolt on spray bar equipped  pre-wet material entry box.  Pre-wetting causes the fines to drop out quickly leaving the screen media open area to sort the rock (external frame mounted water manifold with ball valve water control to each spray bar, red rubber water connect hose fastened together so they can’t rub on each other).

The sand screw is built in CEC’s plant and features an external rear bearing, bolt on bearing mounting plate and external installed rubber boot seal.

The screw bearing shaft is bolted onto the screw core.  It is machined and has a reversible stainless steel replaceable wear sleeve.  CEC’s screw shaft is 10 inches in diameter.  This is one inch larger in diameter and one-half inch thicker.  CEC’s gear box is made by Dodge and has been used for about 20 years without a single failure.  The under flume hopper has steep side walls, good rear slope and a material wash down spray bar.

The top two chutes can be ordered to exit left & right or right & left.  The bottom deck chute exits straight forward.

The chassis has “I” beam frame, set up legs, fifth wheel pull, ICC lighting, air brakes, and tubeless 10x22.5 tires.


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