6 x 16 Portable Washplant with Dual 36" x 25' Sandscrew


CEC’s 6 x 16 wash plant has all the screen features of the 5’ x 14’ and 5’ x 16’ except size.  The 6 x 16 (3) deck screen has some other excellent features; eccentric shaft for heavy-duty production plus external, adjustable counterweight.  The bearings run in oil and the seals are oil lubricated.  Rubber suspension, side rubber alignment bolt on guide springs, huck-riveted construction, built in spray bars, (external frame mounted water manifold with ball valve water control to each spray bar, red rubber water connect hose fastened together so they can’t rub on each other).

The sand screws are dual 36” x 25’ long with individual gear boxes.  The screws can be sheaved differently to allow sand to be changed by RPM and bottom rising water current.  Sometimes this plus feature will bring you in spec and make the sand much more saleable.  All CEC screws have rising current, external bearings, bolt and discharge chutes.  The outside screw water flairs bolt on and off to reduce the travel width.

The chassis also has support legs, spring suspension, air brakes, fifth week pull, ICC lights and all welded “I” beam frame.

The screen has access added on three sides, walkways, kick plates and tubular railing.  These give you access for screw installation, nozzle maintenance, drive belt access and other service needs. 

See CEC’s brochure for complete specs.


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