Screening & Separation

CEC changed the industry when we introduced the Screen-It. Our feed conveyor and hopper are our feeder. We developed a planetary reduction drive to handle the low speed of the feed conveyor and the high torque of the load on the feed belt. Materials discharge forward from the feeder on to the screen. The material doesn’t change directions; it keeps moving forward. Over sized material is screened, cleaned and exits down the top deck chute. Materials smaller than the top deck gets separated by the screen cloth sizes and out the proper conveyor to the stock pile.

CEC has the best screen stroke in the industry. 45 degree stroke and 5/8 inch rise. This opens up your product so the fines can move through the cloth.

Screen-It bottom screen can have a self cleaning ball deck added to keep your screen cloth from blinding. We are cloth application experts and can keep you screening when your competition is unable to operate.