Marion County Recycling in Oregon

Marion County Recycling is working hard to keep its landfill waste to a minimum. Working in partnership with a Covanta waste-to-energy plant in Brooks, Oregon, the county has eliminated the need for more landfill space in the future.
How is this possible?
Curbside waste is burned at the Covanta plant and used for energy. The ash that is created is then taken to the Marion County Landfill, where it is screened and metals are removed with a CEC 5×12 Screen-It and an extensive metal recovery system. Once separated, the county recycles the metal, and the ash is shipped to other landfill facilities for daily cover.
How does this benefit the county?
The metal that is screened is sold and recycled, which creates an additional revenue stream for the county. Over 80% of the ash product is 1/2″ minus, and that can be used for daily cover and shipped off site.
Additional revenue, and less space required for waste, benefits not only the landfill, but the residents of Marion County as well.
To learn more about the Marion County Waste-to-Energy facility,

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