New CEC 4×8 Screen-it®

CEC Introduces the New Diesel-Powered 4×8 Screen-It®
In an age when the scope and overall market trends in the screening business are evolving, CEC is adapting to meet those changes head on. In light of changing market demands, CEC has designed and built the answer—the new CEC 4×8 Diesel Screen-It.

The 4×8 Diesel Screen-It is a commercial-grade, self-contained, portable screen that produces high quality material at a price that companies can more easily afford. It’s small and light enough to tow behind a modern diesel work truck, yet still maintains CEC’s strength. Second, it has a feed height capable of allowing customers to load it with a standard skid-steer loader, no ramp necessary. Third, it’s easy to operate while still producing a high quality, sellable finished product.

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