Healthy sustainable weight loss is a slow and steady commitment to a lifestyle that creates health and vitality, increases metabolism and maximizes the wellbeing of the person. Through this program, Dr. Rubiales aspires to support you in creating that lifestyle.

Sessions include an initial evaluation with lab ordering and follow up assessment, nutritional and emotional support, emphasizing a sustainable and mindful approach to weight loss and healthy eating.

8 Week Program includes:

Initial Evaluation: This will include an in-depth history about weight and current health challenges so that an appropriate comprehensive laboratory assessment may be made. Follow ups will include recommendations based on lab tests.

Acupuncture: One of my mentors used to say, “It is always the lifestyle changes that get people get better. The energetic medicines such as acupuncture help people get to the place where they can make those changes.” Cortisol, the hormone that gets released with stress contributes to belly fat. Acupuncture helps reduce the habitual stress state that releases more cortisol.

Meditation: Learning to include it in a daily morning routine will also encourage decreasing cortisol levels and help with the reactivity that contributes to emotional eating.

Intramuscular vitamin injections include B vitamins for stress, coping and energy, L-carnitine for fat burning and chromium to help with sugar and carbohydrate cravings.

Each session will include a check in and counseling regarding nutrition, emotional and physical challenges.

Frequent activity is advised.

Initial evaluation and lab recommendations
2 Acupuncture treatments a week for 4 weeks
1 Acupuncture treatment a week for 4 weeks
Intramuscular multivitamin injections for weight loss at each visit

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